"Kim McElroy is a visual artist who strives to accentuate the organic point of intention, by simplifying the graphic detail of the subject, thus retaining the viewers eye on what matters."

"Kim's natural balanced approach to the moment, combined with the belief that conscious living is not antithetical to style, culture and fun, gives him a knack for relaxing his subjects and enabling their true self to become present."

Whether in studio or on location, 30 years of expertise in art direction, technical knowledge and set lighting all support the creation of modern sophisticated imagery for advertising, corporate and editorial clients with an eye towards 'Natural Health and Beauty'.

The art collections - Architectural, Botanical, Landscape and Nudes have been shown in many galleries and art shows.

Kim was born and raised in New York and spent many of his childhood summers in Malibu, California. In his late teens, he traveled the United States on motorcycle eventually landing in Malibu, California creating a natural life of sun, sand and sea, music, art, and photography. One of his art projects was designing, building and landscaping his studio, which unfortunately suffered eminent domain. (It is viewable in the Portfolio list.) Many of the Botanical & Nude series were photographed in this studio. After many stories, travels and adventures in Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest, he's now back and based in Santa Monica, California.